Rear-Entry Hybrid Minivans

Hybrid rear-entry maximizes value and efficiency

Efficiency Meets Purpose-Designed Accessibility

Enjoy all the features of a standard rear-entry van with the gas mileage, cost savings and environmental benefits of a low-emissions vehicle.

Rear-Entry Hybrid Minivans

Available Models

FR offers a range of minivan models that bring quality, durability, driveability and ease-of-use into one seamless vehicle.

Frequently asked questions

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Yes! Customers are welcome to provide us with their own vehicle. We’ll inspect it first to make sure it’s fit to be converted, then get to work.

The average lead time for a vehicle conversion is 4 to 6 weeks. If you need it sooner, let us know! There are times when a vehicle conversion can be expedited. 

Price depends on which conversion you choose and optional items included on the order. One thing is certain: FR’s conversions are the best value on the market.

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