Driven by Innovation Since Day One

Our corporate vision is and always has been, to find a better way.  Whether to meet the special needs of the physically challenged or the special needs of contractors, organizations, providers of emergency services, municipalities, or others. Standards set by the ADA, government, and others are, for us, not something to be met but to be exceeded. From ramp width, to interior space, to safety, and even financing, the status quo is never an acceptable option.

As an authorized Second Stage Manufacturer for Fiat Chrysler Automobile and a partner in the Ford QVM program in addition to our collaborations with General Motors and Toyota, we have proven ourselves to be far more than just an up fitter! Beginning with vehicles manufactured by the world's foremost automotive firms, FR Conversions Inc. designs, engineers, and manufactures transportation solutions well beyond industry standards.

Welcome to the world of FR Conversions.

A world driven by innovation.


Meet the Team

Eliyahu Rosenbloom

President, Owner-Operator

Mr. Rosenbloom has more than 10 years experience as an Emergency Medical Technician as well as owning and operating several ambulance and mobility companies. Having developed a private "Wish List" for the development of a cost-effective, high quality, user friendly mobility vehicle which just didn't exist in the marketplace, he was determined to found FR Conversions Inc. on those ideas.  From product development to manufacturing processes, his ideas are directly incorporated into every vehicle produced by the company today. His experience, hard work, and determination have grown into the thriving company taking the market by storm!

Jennifer Rosenbloom

Corporate Secretary, Director of Human Resources,
Safety & Compliance Officer

Mrs. Rosenbloom both volunteered and worked as an Emergency Medical Technician for 12 years as well as serving in the Army Reserves as a Medic for 6 years. Along with her husband, Mr. Eliyahu Rosenbloom, she assisted in the operational and administrative management of several ambulance and mobility companies over a period of 10 years. Balancing her home and work family she has helped in all aspects the growth and direction of FR Conversions Inc. Currently, Mrs. Rosenbloom oversees the administrative aspects of FR Conversions Inc. including Human Resources.

Jeff Shay

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Shay is CPA and Senior Financial Executive as well as a graduate of the University of Baltimore and brings with him diverse experiences including growth management in several industries including government contracting, services, retail, manufacturing, and construction. Mr. Shay is well versed in balancing the operational and strategic challenges associated with growing a business. His focus is in improving the strong financial foundation of FR Conversions.

Tim Francis

Chief of Operations

Tim Francis is a more recent addition to the FR Conversions team. Joining us as Chief of Operations, Mr. Francis brings with him over 25 years experience in operational management. With Lean Manufacturing  training, gained during employment in Japan, he has extensive expertise in OEM manufacturing, operational profit, and loss accountability, as well as a black belt certification. Tim graduated from the Spartan School of Aeronautics with a degree in Business and Industrial Supervision.

Alexander Mets

VP of Product Development

Mr. Mets is an Industrial Engineer and graduate of the Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding. He joined the FR Conversions family near the beginning and has been an integral member ever since. He puts his more than 10 years of welding/fabrication, industrial engineering, 3D modeling, CAD systems operations, and robotics to use in refining the design ideas for all FR Conversions products. Never satisfied with meeting minimum specifications he is always improving the performance of the current product lines, adding in new features, and designing the next generation of FR Conversions products.

Mindy Ginsberg


Ms. Ginsberg is a Brooklyn native with a Master's Degree in Social Work from NYU. Having experienced the challenges of working with the disabled population, especially in urban environments, she was determined to make a difference. Her opportunity came when she joined the FR Conversions family as a sales representative and through hard work and perseverance has made FR Conversions Inc. the market leader in accessible vehicles for taxi and fleet operations in the New York Taxi market.  Ms. Ginsberg has been promoted to her current role as VP of Sales and is rapidly developing a sales force and dealer network nationwide.

Larry J. Appel

Vice President, New Product Marketing

Simply known as Larry to everyone who knows him, Mr. Appel is a founding member of the FR Conversions family having transitioned with the Rosenblooms from their previous ambulance business. Mr. Appel's professional experience includes Division Director for the American Heart Association- Baltimore County Division, and Operations Manager for several Maryland based commercial ambulance and wheelchair transportation services. In addition to his administrative duties and new product efforts, Larry continues to volunteer as an Emergency Medical Technician in both Maryland and Pennsylvania as well as participating in a FEMA Disaster Rapid Deployment Ambulance Team.

Karla Hannon

Mobility Specialist

Ms. Hannon is a retired Maryland State Corrections Officer as well as having been the owner/operator of her own mobility transportation company for over 20 years. Through her mobility company she worked with Mr. Rosenbloom and discovered a shared goal to provide a cost effective, safe transportation vehicle able to serve both the commercial company base and the individual family's needs. Her fleet service experience makes her the perfect candidate to educate and serve both handicapped individuals and the companies who provide for them. She is now a full time FR Conversions family member leading our in house sales team and assists with sales and customer service.

Paul Kluth

F&I Manager

Mr. Kluth manages the F&I Dept. for FR Conversions as Finance Director. He is a graduate of Loyola University in Baltimore and has over 30 years experience in Finance, Accounting, Contracts and Business Development mostly in Hotel Management and Strategic Vendor Partnerships, including 10 years with Orbital Sciences (Aerospace industry) in their Transportation Management Solutions Group.

It is all about exceeding customer expectations and providing affordable, innovative financing and leasing solutions to our customers and mobility dealers.

Sales Representatives

Joe Allen

Sales Representative

Adam Bernardo

Northern California, Oregon, Washington,
Northern Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming

Sales Representative

Peter Briggs

Arizona, Southern California, Colorado,
New Mexico, Southern Nevada, Utah
Sales Representative

Jack Coan

Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina
Sales Representative

John Denson

Texas, Louisiana
Sales Representative

Aaron Fee

Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri
Sales Representative

Denny Foerschler

Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wyoming, Montana, Minnesota
Sales Representative

Mindy Ginsberg

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island,
Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Ohio

Lacey Haley

Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia,
West Virginia, Washington DC,  

Sales Representative

John Hannon

Sales Representative

Karla Hannon

Delaware & MD Eastern Shore 
Sales Representative

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