Commercial Wheelchair Lifts and Ramps For Van

The Key to Accessible Mobility

Accessible MobilityYou can have all the vehicles and adaptive technology in the world, but if few can afford them then do you really have accessible mobility? That’s why affordability is really the key to accessible mobility. While there has been progress made in making public transportation accessible for people with physical disabilities, given the choice most would prefer to remain as independent as possible. That includes the ability to afford an accessible vehicle. This is important because many individuals with special needs feel left out of mainstream society. In fact, the majority of disabled individuals participating in a 2010 Scope survey in the United Kingdom reported being excluded from social events.

A wheelchair conversion van does not solve all of society’s problems, but it does give disabled individuals their independence. And that’s a big push forward. In addition, many people with special needs live in neighborhoods without adequate accessibility. And a vehicle is the only means of going to the store, getting to work and socializing with family and friends.

With so many options available today from special financing programs to Go Fund Me campaigns, it is easier than ever to acquire a conversion van. Also, finding a used van and having a conversion dealer install a wheelchair lift and adaptive equipment may save money. But this can be a double-edged sword. You could get stuck with a used vehicle that frequently breaks down, leaves you stranded when you least expect it and ends up costing you more in repairs. Before you buy a used van to convert, check with a conversion dealer to get the specs and compare their upfit price with the cost of a new van. They will be able to save you some time and money.

Also, just like the rest of the auto industry, the best time to shop around for affordable conversion vans is in the fall. The discounts that are often offered may allow you to acquire a new van customized with your choice of adaptive equipment at a price that is so affordable that it may not make sense to convert a used van.

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