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Taxi Cut Vs Long Cut Van Conversions

taxi-cut-van-conversionWhen considering a van conversion, there are two styles to choose from, long cut and taxi cut. Understanding these styles will help you decide which type of van is best for your needs.

Long cut is also known as a full cut and is designed to accommodate two wheelchairs. It is important to note that most conversion van manufacturers eliminate the middle row seating to make room for the second wheelchair due to space constraints. This limits the number of passengers that can ride in the van.

However, our long cut van conversion includes the middle row seating as a standard feature. This is made possible due to a roomy 102” x 34” super tub. In addition, the wider interior space offers more room for personal gear, equipment and other items that passengers bring along.

A long cut van conversion is ideal for para-transit operators, transportation companies, taxi services and anyone who needs to transport multiple ambulatory and non-ambulatory passengers. This cut is also a good choice for use as a commercial van conversion. In this case, the middle row can be completely removed for use solely to transport goods, equipment and other large, bulky items.

Taxi cut, also referred to as a half cut is designed for transporting a single wheelchair. It’s called the taxi cut because at one time this was the only vehicle option that included the middle row seating for transporting ambulatory passengers. This allowed taxi companies to provide wheelchair accessible transportation for their customers. It’s also a popular choice among individuals and families with special needs who rely on wheelchair accessible personal transportation to maintain an active and independent lifestyle.

Since middle row seating is a standard feature in both long cut and taxi cut van conversions, transportation companies no longer have to choose between transporting ambulatory and non-ambulatory passengers. This allows transit operators to choose the type of van conversion that best meets their needs and, more importantly, the needs of their customers.

Also, all FR Conversion Vans are crash-tested and meet or exceed both Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

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