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FR Conversions Expands American Manufacturing Commitment

Conversion Van Firm Opens New Made-by- Americans Corporate HQ

News and Updates for conversion van dealersIn an era marked by U.S. firms relocating manufacturing facilities offshore, FR Conversions has done just the opposite. On April 19th, the company will cut the ribbon on newer, larger office management and manufacturing facilities at 1231 Tech Court Westminster, Maryland.

As with any business operating in the U.S., the opportunities to relocate manufacturing abroad were there, but quickly, discounted by FR Conversions Management. Wayne Taylor, VP of Sales and Marketing, explains the company’s commitment to American manufacturing. “In just three short years, we’ve become the fastest growing mobility conversion manufacturer in America. On the streets of New York City, you’ll find more FR Conversions’ taxi’s than any other. Our reputation for delivering manufacturing excellence at better-than- competitive prices has automotive dealers and mobility retailers linking up to be a part of our national sales and service network. We’ve grown to become Chrysler’s leading provider of fleet mobility conversions. If something works, you stick with it and Made-in-America is working great for us.”

The official ribbon-cutting will be held at the new offices at 10AM. Company officers, employees, members of the FR Mobility Specialist National Network, local officials, and other dignitaries will be in attendance.

Taylor further explains the company’s commitment to American manufacturing.

“The FR Conversions manufacturing process requires specialized skills, necessary to convert or upfit a variety of vehicles- Ram Promaster, Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Town & Country, Toyota Sienna, Chrysler Pacifica, and others- for recreational use, those with special needs, limousine transport, or fleet and commercial industries. The company’s formula for success relies on unique conversion design. Every specification is built to exceed customer expectations and industry standards, while offering cost efficient and durable solutions.  All conversions are individually crafted, one at a time, by technicians who take pride in every detail. Our new corporate home was also built by Americans; FR Conversions’ complete line of products bears the label “Made in America” with pride.”

25% of FR Conversions employees have been with the firm since day one. “We’re sure our FR family will love their new home and it will help motivate them to achieve even greater standards of workmanship. When people love the work they do, the people they do it with, and the place they do it in, they tend to want to stick around awhile”.

For more information about FR Conversions please visit the website at FRConversions.com.


FR Conversion First to Market With 80 MPG Taxi

NYC's Leading Provider of Conversion Taxi's Leads Way With New Pacifica Hybrid Cab

(Westminster, MD) With over 13,450 cabs on its streets New York City is, without a doubt, the taxicab capitol of the world. Each NYC cab averages 70,000 miles annually for an estimated cumulative odometer reading of 940 million miles a year. These numbers provide a dramatic backdrop to the significance of the new Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid taxi, converted to accommodate those with special needs, being unveiled by FR Conversions of Westminster, Maryland.

In comparison to New York’s current ‘Taxicab of Tomorrow’ (Braun NV-200) the new FR Conversion Pacifica Hybrid represents both significant savings and an even greater impact on air quality. Compare the facts: The current ‘Taxicab of Tomorrow’ averages 22 mpg in city driving, the new 2016 FR Pacifica Hybrid delivers an average of 80 e-mpg on city streets. The result is an estimated 27.5 million gallons of gas saved per year. Given the fact that 20 pounds of CO2 are emitted per gallon of gas burned, the introduction of the new FR Pacifica Hybrid would represent a potential reduction in CO2 emissions in NYC of up to 500 million pounds a year.

The advantages of the 2016 FR Pacific Hybrid extend beyond fuel savings and improvement in air quality. It also offers a higher quality more comfortable ride for New Yorkers with special needs.

Ease of Entry and Exit; the Braun NV-200’s reputation for being difficult to get into and out of is legendary in special needs circles. Having no alternative leaves those with special needs with no choice but to put up with the awkwardness associates with the simple act of ‘getting into a cab.’ FR Conversions new Pacific Hybrid minivan provides a much easier, smoother entry and exit process.

Cramped Riding Conditions: In order to accommodate both rider and wheelchair the driver of a Braun NV-200 must retract passenger seats and ‘fit’ the special needs passenger into a smaller more confined space. The result is a cattle-like transportation experience compromising the dignity and comfort of the cash paying special needs customer. The new FR Conversion Pacifica hybrid requires no such arrangement. Those with special needs ride as comfortably as any other city taxi commuter.

One Passenger Only: Retracted seating arrangements means the special needs passenger is forced, whether they like it or not, to ride solo. If their trip is for business, their associates must take another cab. If it’s for pleasure, their guest must find other transportation. In many instances even a required nurse of helper has to find other means. Not so with the FR Conversion Pacifica hybrid. Special needs riders can ride with friends, associates or others – just like anyone else.

Up to 80 miles a gallon with a range of 530 per tank full. Independent rear suspension to deal with the often rough New York City Street conditions. Moon roof, more space for wheelchairs without compromising special needs rider comfort, seating for up to three additional passengers, a hands free sliding door and so much more. FR Conversions status as the leading provider of conversion taxi cabs in NYC will be strengthened as soon as the new FR Pacifica hybrid hits the street and the Taxi of Tomorrow becomes the Taxi of Yesterday.

For more information contact:

Wayne Taylor
Director of Marketing & Sales
(815) 299-1222

A Bigger, Better Sleigh on Christmas Day for Asa

FR Conversions Treats 12-Year Old Cerebral Palsy Victim to a New Set of Wheels

When the management of privately owned FR Conversions of Westminster, Maryland got wind of the plight of the McAndrew family of Scranton, PA they knew they had to do something. Twelve-year old Asa McAndrew had been born with a severe case of Cerebral Palsy. Arriving seven weeks early and weighing in at a scant 2 lbs. 3 oz. doctors held out little hope for Asa’s future. The tough, joyful boy proved them wrong. While the condition itself hasn’t improved, Asa has done more than learn to live with it. He’s grown into a happy, energetic young man admired by teachers and classmates and loved by friends and family.

The problem, as Asa’s dad Gene explains, has grown as his son has. “When Asa’s was younger and smaller it was fairly easy to simply put him in an ordinary car seat to take him to school, the movies or shopping. But he’s not a little boy anymore. We scraped together enough money to buy a nice minivan figuring this would solve the problem. It didn’t. An ordinary van, while bigger, meant new complications and challenges. We needed to have it converted with a ramp and other features to meet Asa’s needs. The problem was the cost. We simply couldn’t handle it.”

Word of the situation reached the offices of Eli Rosenbloom President and Founder of FR Conversions and action toward a solution commenced immediately. “We got together as a team and without a single dissenting voice agreed to tackle the project. The promise we made to Asa and his family was not just to do it but to do it right and get it done before Christmas. The holiday season is a time when families reunite. It’s something no 12-year old boy should be denied the joy of, especially one as brave as Asa.”

The company created a fundraising page which succeeded in raising a small percentage of the cost, the State of Pennsylvania chipped in and FR Conversions picked up a lion’s share of the cost, materials and labor.

Joe and Becki Kobi owners of The Mobility Store of Northeast Pennsylvania are donating services and assisting the family in the logistics, conversion details and delivery of the new van for Asa. “It just feels good to be able to play a role in making something so good and so important actually happen. For Asa and his family this is one gift that sure to keep on giving for many years and miles to come.”

Media inquiries please contact:

Wayne Taylor
Director of Marketing & Sales
(815) 299-1222
For photos, video content or other information regarding the New Sleigh for Asa visit: www.FrConversions.com/ASA

Giovanni’s Van


Thank you so much for all your help with getting my van converted; my son and I are extremely pleased with how it came out. This is giving my son the independence he has been craving for a long time.
Kevin, Savage 61 Auto
This Van conversion is the best in the business. I've been involved with wheelchair recreation and sports programs throughout the world over the last 35 years, I've seen many physically challenged people in wheelchairs and not being able to get into a van because of the short width of the ramp now there is a wider width to use, this van conversion company is by far the very best out there.
Joe W.
Without your help, I would not have been able to get out of my house on a regular basis. Since my injury that left me paralyzed from the waist down, I have not been able to go far from my home and only with a transport service. finding a good wheelchair van has not been easy due to the high costs. You guys were able to get me in one of your minivans at almost half the cost of your competitors. Thank you for my freedom!
Linda P. Baltimore, MD
When my daughter was diagnosed with a debilitating disease last year, we had to very quickly find a wheelchair accessible van. I looked online and at mobility dealers and was stunned to see the prices…$40,000-$60,000 for a van! No way. I found FR Conversions during an online search and … after talking with the company I decided to buy one of their vans. Best decision I could have made! Top quality and several thousand dollars less than any competitors vans. Thanks FR Conversions!
Dan F. San Diego, CA
Working with Dan was a pleasure. It had been 14 years since I bought a van for my wheelchair bound daughter. Dan answered all of my questions within 24 hours and supplied valuable information in my research, such as be aware if the van is long or short cut …who knew since other reps/dealers never mentioned that. He gave me a detail quote in writing which many other dealers would not do…I’m a comparison shopper… I have to have written quotes and Dan gets that! After all, he has a disabled daughter too and that’s why I sensed sincerity, honesty and a desire to help me find the right van within my budget. I can’t thank him enough.
Mary L., Tulsa, OK
We wish to thank FR Conversions for assisting us with a special project to raise funds for converting our Chrysler Town & Country to a wheelchair accessible vehicle. This was for my special needs adult son who desperately need this new van. Without your help by discounting the conversion, this would have not been possible. We are sincerely grateful!
C. Forrest, Bowie, MD
We got the van Monday morning. It is a great job and awesome vehicle. Thanks for everything to you Larry, Rifka, And Eli.
C. Carlson, Orlando, FL
FR Conversions, you are the BEST! I could not only get over your prices as compared to the other manufacturers, but your service was outstanding. I was a little nervous purchasing this wheelchair van from across the U.S.s and only from pictures, but my fears turned into joy when the vehicle was delivered. Your sales staff made the experience less stressful and all in all, it went smoothly. Thank you again!
J. Hampton, Pueblo, CO
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