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Handicap Accessible Limo Vans Shuttle Luxury Passengers in Exceptional Comfort, Style

Conversion LimoCatering to the needs of the growing numbers of high-end consumers and luxury travelers requires attention to detail at every turn. And limousine and transportation companies that cater to the luxury market are no exception. But being able to provide a high level of comfort at a price where they can turn a profit is not always easy. With luxury spending often unpredictable, transportation companies that cater to a high-end clientele need to make smart vehicle investment choices.

Fortunately, limousine and transportation companies can get everything they expect in a top-tier handicap accessible limo van at an extremely affordable price with premium amenities and features without compromising safety, comfort or quality of travel.

In addition to an elevated level of comfort, limo van conversions offer luxurious amenities including a roomy plush interior, premium sound system, individual power outlets, wood grain flooring with interior LED lighting, executive style VIP seating and individual air vents for personalized comfort. Wood grain running boards offer easy entry and exit with a touch of class. Other notable features are full limousine rear and front LED accent lighting and an optional HD television. The HD television option can be used in a variety of creative ways such as educating tour passengers about the area. Corporate travelers can be shown previews of the event they are attending. Resorts can entertain passengers with information about the facility. FR Conversions has left no stone unturned with its level of detail and creativity for a luxurious limo van conversion.

The Promaster limo vans from FR Conversions can accommodate between 12 and 15 passengers. This makes it attractive for any transportation company that wants to transport discerning clients in style and comfort. It’s also an excellent choice for limousine services that cater to weddings, corporate travel and other ground transportation needs where they want to shuttle passengers in ultimate comfort and convenience.

Perhaps the best feature of a limo van conversion is the ability to include all individuals. With a handicap accessible limo van disabled and non-disabled passengers ride together in the same vehicle. Wheelchair passengers no longer need to be separated from the group to be transported in a specially equipped vehicle. This alone is worth the investment.

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