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What makes an FR Conversions Special Needs Mobility Dealer and Retailer Specialist so unique? You literally hold the key to the number one problem those with special needs face when shopping for a conversion van — affordability. They’ve done their research, searched the web, and discovered they can afford a conversion van with all the utility and comfort features they want.

special need mobility dealer
rear entry wheelchair van

No sacrificing features. No compromising comfort. That’s what makes an FR Special Needs Mobility Dealer and Special Needs Mobility Retailer unique.

Special Needs Mobility Dealer

You’re a location with showroom capacity and a service center.

  • Have vehicles onsite for display
  • Earn higher margins
  • Best warranty in the business
  • Authorized to perform warranty service
  • Full network inventory displayed on your site
  • Complete on and offline marketing support
  • ‘Meet-the-need-now’ product assistance
  • On & offsite sales and service training
  • Market exclusivity

Special Needs Mobility Retailer

You own or operate a mobility store or similar mobility retail business. You have the customers. Now you have a program.

  • 4-figure referral bonus program
  • Exciting in-store and online marketing support
  • All the collateral you need
  • Lower than any premium competitor pricing
  • As high quality as any service and end product
  • Financing support for you and your customers
  • On & offsite sales and service training


Send us a few starter facts about yourself and if you’ve got any questions feel free to ask.

The FR Special Needs Mobility Network Continues to Grow!


      Thank you so much for all your help with getting my van converted; my son and I are extremely pleased with how it came out. This is giving my son the independence he has been craving for a long time.
      Kevin, Savage 61 Auto
      This Van conversion is the best in the business. I've been involved with wheelchair recreation and sports programs throughout the world over the last 35 years, I've seen many physically challenged people in wheelchairs and not being able to get into a van because of the short width of the ramp now there is a wider width to use, this van conversion company is by far the very best out there.
      Joe W.
      Without your help, I would not have been able to get out of my house on a regular basis. Since my injury that left me paralyzed from the waist down, I have not been able to go far from my home and only with a transport service. finding a good wheelchair van has not been easy due to the high costs. You guys were able to get me in one of your minivans at almost half the cost of your competitors. Thank you for my freedom!
      Linda P. Baltimore, MD
      When my daughter was diagnosed with a debilitating disease last year, we had to very quickly find a wheelchair accessible van. I looked online and at mobility dealers and was stunned to see the prices…$40,000-$60,000 for a van! No way. I found FR Conversions during an online search and … after talking with the company I decided to buy one of their vans. Best decision I could have made! Top quality and several thousand dollars less than any competitors vans. Thanks FR Conversions!
      Dan F. San Diego, CA
      Working with Dan was a pleasure. It had been 14 years since I bought a van for my wheelchair bound daughter. Dan answered all of my questions within 24 hours and supplied valuable information in my research, such as be aware if the van is long or short cut …who knew since other reps/dealers never mentioned that. He gave me a detail quote in writing which many other dealers would not do…I’m a comparison shopper… I have to have written quotes and Dan gets that! After all, he has a disabled daughter too and that’s why I sensed sincerity, honesty and a desire to help me find the right van within my budget. I can’t thank him enough.
      Mary L., Tulsa, OK
      We wish to thank FR Conversions for assisting us with a special project to raise funds for converting our Chrysler Town & Country to a wheelchair accessible vehicle. This was for my special needs adult son who desperately need this new van. Without your help by discounting the conversion, this would have not been possible. We are sincerely grateful!
      C. Forrest, Bowie, MD
      We got the van Monday morning. It is a great job and awesome vehicle. Thanks for everything to you Larry, Rifka, And Eli.
      C. Carlson, Orlando, FL
      FR Conversions, you are the BEST! I could not only get over your prices as compared to the other manufacturers, but your service was outstanding. I was a little nervous purchasing this wheelchair van from across the U.S.s and only from pictures, but my fears turned into joy when the vehicle was delivered. Your sales staff made the experience less stressful and all in all, it went smoothly. Thank you again!
      J. Hampton, Pueblo, CO
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