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Auto Insurance Tips for Drivers with Disabilities

ram-promaster-conversion-van-night-driverIt’s unfortunate that drivers with disabilities must overcome numerous obstacles to insure their vehicles. Insurance is a little more complicated due to the after-market mobility modifications for adaptive equipment that enables drivers with disabilities to safely operate the vehicle.

The goods news is that these tips will help you escape the hassles in your quest for insuring your car or conversion van. For instance, if you plan to make after-market modifications to an already existing vehicle, it’s important to check with your insurance carrier to understand what they will and will not cover. Don’t be afraid to shop around if you don’t get the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

Also, it is important to bear in mind that drivers are responsible for notifying the insurance carrier of all mobility modifications. This will ensure you have coverage on the adaptive equipment. This includes such modifications as pedal extenders, push-pull hand controls, wheelchair-adjustable seats and seatbelts, wheelchair lifts and ramps, floor-mounted steering, siren detectors for the hearing impaired, and amputee rings. Any special equipment (like crutches, motorized
scooter, wheelchair, and walker) that is not attached to your vehicle but you go with it everywhere should also be included in your insurance policy.

Most, if not all, insurance problems can be avoided when purchasing a conversion van that is manufactured by a certified mobility dealer. This will help ensure that the vehicle and all adaptive equipment meet Federal safety standards. The dealer may also be able to provide you with local insurance carriers that offer competitive rates for disabled drivers.

Many individuals experience problems getting insured or experience a loss of coverage when they modify an existing vehicle or purchase a used vehicle that either does not meet safety requirements or was modified by a non-certified individual or merchant.

Lastly, you should be aware that car insurance for drivers with disabilities and mobility-adapted vehicles are available in two types of coverage; Handicapped Equipment Coverage (covers basic equipment like lift, but won’t cover a lockdown system, kneeling system, lowered floor or similar adaptive driving equipment) and Special Equipment Coverage (covers every aspect of your car adaptation).

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