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Adaptability Programs Help Put Individuals with Disabilities in the Driver’s Seat

adaptibilityThe freedom to drive is the ultimate mobility. It’s also the ability to go to work, school, shopping, visit with family and friends or wherever you choose to go on your own. But in order for this to be possible minivans and automobiles often need to be converted into a vehicle that meets the special accessibility needs of each individual.

However, for some individuals the cost of adaptable equipment is out of reach. This can easily become a quality of life issue. Especially when a disability that limits mobility is compounded by the financial cost that limits mobility. That’s why adaptability programs are playing a key role in helping to put individuals with disabilities in the driver’s seat. These government and non-profit sponsored programs are helping eligible individuals acquire the adaptability equipment they need such as lifts, ramps, power transfer seats and mechanical hand controls, to name a few, that can be installed in a conversion van.

One adaptability program in particular, Maryland Technology Assistance Program (MDTAP) provides low-interest assistive technology and workability loan programs and other resources for individuals with special needs. In fact, MDTAP can be used for anyone purchasing adaptive equipment for the use of disabled individuals residing in the state such as family members and caregivers. In an effort to help ensure everyone has the freedom of independence, adaptability technology assistance programs are also available in other states.

Moreover, for most teenagers, learning to drive is a rite of passage as they transcend into adulthood and the freedoms that go along with it. Unfortunately, for many disabled teens and young adults driving appeared to be an unattainable dream. But thanks to Montgomery College and other community colleges around the country, special needs driver’s education courses are helping disabled students and adults get behind the wheel and experience the freedom of the road like everyone else.

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