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5 Must See Wheelchair Accessible Tourist Destinations

colonial-virginia-accessibleThere are wonderful and exciting places to visit around the world today including museums, beaches, theme parks, and historical sites, to name a few. But unfortunately, there are many tourist destinations that are not as easily accessible for individuals with disabilities. So, we’ve put together a list of 5 must see accessible and wheelchair conversion van friendly destinations for everyone to enjoy.

The first one is Rocky Mountains National Park in Estes Park, Colorado that presents you with an exciting opportunity to enjoy the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains and Estes Park. Here, you’ll find lodging facilities, laundries, restaurants, shuttle services, campgrounds, and trails. The fact that it’s a national park means you’ll also have ample opportunity to view wildlife and even do some fishing. And if fishing is your hobby, there are accessible fishing areas along the Big Thompson River, situated east of Estes. Also, the Golden Access Passport is available free of charge to blind, deaf, or permanently disabled individuals that meet Federal eligibility requirements. It offers lifetime free admission to all National Park Service areas. Inquire at any information station.

The second destination on our list is the incredible Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is where art comes alive in its many galleries, events and exhibits. You will be inspired and make unexpected connections across different cultures spanning over 5,000 years. The entrance of the Met Fifth Avenue is wheelchair accessible with a variety of programs specially designed for persons with special needs.

Another tourist destination that is worth a visit is Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. Its location 150 miles south of Washington, DC makes it an easy drive from anywhere along the eastern seaboard. This historic 18th century village is preserved like a timepiece that offers a truly educational and mesmerizing experience of what it was like to live during colonial times. Colonial Williamsburg offer discounts for visitors with physical disabilities. Be sure to pick up a map with clearly marked wheelchair accessible locations from the Visitor Services office.

Next is the Science Museum in London, which became known in 2010 as one of the most accessible visitor attractions in the United Kingdom. The museum provides a large print accessibility map with location of stairs, ramps, toilets, eating areas, elevator, and other accessible resources. It’s fully wheelchair accessible and it even has resources for Braille guests installed in the “Who Am I?” gallery to accompany the touch objects. Also, there is and IMAX 3D Theater where disabled visitors receive discounts.

Finally, there is the Louvre in Paris whose main priority is to make its resources accessible to individuals with disabilities. In conforming to France’s 2005 law, the Louvre of Paris aims to make sure all guests can access the museum comfortably and safely. Here, you’ll learn about art as well as have the opportunity to visit the Louvre Palace. The Louvre is one of the oldest, largest, and most famous museums in the world. So, be prepared to learn a lot to enjoy yourself to the fullest. The 18 elevators/20 wheelchair lifts can be confusing, so make sure you ask for an accessibility map upon arrival.

Image Credit: Ken Lund | Flickr

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